Saturday, 1 March 2014

World Mysteries & True Ghost Tales Bestselling Kindle

Bestseller on Amazon. Reached number one over Christmas 2013 in the 'unexplained mysteries' and number two in 'supernatural' January 2014

World Mysteries And True Ghost Tales. A 358 page kindle including, true stories of the dangers of the Ouija board, which will chill you to the bone. True and only accurate story behind the film, 'The Exorcist' (author saw first hand the Jesuit Priest's diaries chronicling the exorcisms on Roland and the 41 signatures from the priests, claiming the possession to be completely genuine beyond doubt) .  

The true/accurate story of Halloween and Jack O' Lantern. John Sage's evil tortures in Chillingham Castle and his refusal to move on after death. Tower of London hauntings. A treasure trail of discovery into Britain's stone circles and their eerie secrets. The first ever recorded UFO sighting. As well as many more true, creepy tales. 

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UFO And Alien Caught On Tape

What do you make of this? I think it's one of best sightings i've ever seen. Make sure you watch how the 'being' he videos leaps as it runs away...

UFOs In The Sea

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Legend Of The Crystal Skulls

Legend Of The Crystal Skulls

In 1924, deep in the jungle of British Honduras (now known as Belize), a young 17-year-old woman, made a great discovery. Anna Mitchell-Hedges (adopted daughter of British explorer and adventurer, Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges) while on an expedition in the Mayan site of Lubaantum, discovered  a near life-size crystal skull from under a shattered alter in a ruined temple.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Exorcist - True Story Behind The Film

scary animated photo:  thexcorcist-1.gif


In 1971,  one of the most popular horror stories of all time was written. And in 1973, the film, 'The Exorcist' was aired for the first time on the big screen. A film based on the true paranormal events and exorcism of a boy named, Roland Doe.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dolley Madison Ghost

Dolley Madison (May 20, 1768 – July 12, 1849), a Quaker by religion, and aged only 26-years-old when she married President James Madison (fourth president of the United States from 1809 - 1817). For daring to marry outside of the Quaker Church, she was then expelled for marrying without their permission and faith.

Robert The Doll

Robert The Doll

Stories of possessed or haunted toys are somehow very scary and sinister - even to adults. This true story of Robert the Doll is Americas most famous of all.

Within The Attic


A good friend of mine has written a wonderful spooky book and kindle called, 'Within The Attic', by Marian Parisher Nichols.

I bought this a while ago and had to sleep with lamp on all night after reading. Very spooky!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Joshua Ward House Hauntings

The Joshua Ward House Hauntings

Salem Massachusetts became a household name with it's association with the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The Joshua Ward House has grizzly connections from this grim time in American history, even though it was not built until 1784.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Lure Of The Vampire - Part One



Mention Vampires to anyone now and instantly they will conjure up images…pale complexioned aristocrats, in fine clothes and draped in long, red lined cloaks…hiding fearsome features whilst sulking from shadow to shadow in search of their next victim!

Greyfriars Bobby's Ghost - A Touching Story


On a cold February morning in 1858, a Scottish man, John Gray was discovered dead in his bed. His faithful Skye Terrier was by his side.

Ghost On Miller Street


I have a friend, well actually a colleague I work with; “Chris”. He is the Professional Standards Sergeant in the Administration office of the Police Department and he told me about strange events that happened to him while living on Miller Street.

Golden Oldies – Ghost Films



Here is a collection of recommended 'mainly family friendly', golden oldies - ghost films...some you may not have heard of, but they are all either very good or excellent, which friends and I highly recommend and give ratings for:

Criss Angel - Bugs You Out

Criss Angel - Bug You Out

Another Criss Angel - how is this done?

How Is This Done?

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How Is This Done?

If you know how this is done, please comment below:

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Shadow People


There is ongoing debate all over the internet about 'shadow people' as well as other dark phenomena. In the past it was reported that these beings were usually seen in the peripheral (side on) vision and for only a split second, but lately these experiences are becoming more disturbing, in that, these dark forces are now being reported as appearing straight on and for longer periods.

Often, people report seeing just a dark shadow, but others have experienced dark and solid, humanoid figures and typically, the facial features are indistinct.

Shadow Forces? One theory is:

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sleep Paralysis



Regardless of whether one accepts the medical explanation, or the paranormal theory for this surprisingly common condition, there is no escaping the fact that it is a terrifying experience for the sufferer.

Sleep paralysis is closely related to the natural paralysis occurring in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state of sleep. The victim is fully conscious and alert, yet the body remains paralysed. In this state, the brain is capable of manifesting intensely vivid hallucinations, which the body cannot react to. The understandable reaction to this scenario is fear and panic. To the sufferer, the experience is terrifyingly real. All the natural senses of the individual remain fully functioning, i.e. smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight are all present and only add to the horror.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack

How about some spooky stories for Halloween? Here's one to kick off with:

Spring-heeled Jack

English folklore has its fair share of spooky stories and spring heeled Jack is one of them. However, this hardly sounds like a folk story when you read the eye witness accounts.

The Anguished Man

EVP Caught On Tape

This is probably the best footage I have recorded so far. I set the camera up again and recorded for four hours over five consecutive nights. I recorded between 1 a.m and 5: a.m because this is
when the activity seemed to be more prevalent. I recorded several strange whispering noises and other unexplainable sounds. I also recorded what appears to be something moving in front of the camera. I have no explanation for the events in this video.

By Sean Robinson

Read about spooky, true paranormal occurrences - Ouija board dangers and may more perils you could find yourself in when delving into the supernatural. 'World Mysteries and True Ghost Tales' kindle or paperback:

No kindle? You don't need one, just download a free kindle app for your PC or laptop from Amazon in seconds.

Read more about this kindle

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Bigfoot, Yeti, or Sasquatch

Bigfoot, Yeti, or Sasquatch

Bigfoot, Yeti, or Sasquatch.

Most people have heard of Bigfoot, also called, Sasquatch or Yeti. These names are given to a creature who resembles a large ape and sighted in forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster

Many sightings of the Loch Ness Monster have brought this story into the headlines on countless occasions and hardly surprising it creates worldwide interest, since it was first reported on May 2, 1933 when the Inverness newspaper released an article entitled, "A Strange Spectacle on Loch Ness" describing how Mrs. Mackay encountered the monster.


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